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I am a Mechanical Reverse Engineer by trade , an unrestful Innovator by Soulprint and a Doer Ninja by worldly disposition.

A Unique Carve Out !

I have had the opportunity to work in device (widget) lifecycle and product (technology) life cycle from inception to commercializationacross incremental to disruptive innovation. I am also blessed to have worked in Operations, Sales, Program Delivery and have first hand knowledge of legal, contractual and Intellectual Property law. My key differentiator is understanding the basic building blocks of Innovation i.e. problem solving using structured intuition and robust problem formulation. 


My Approach to Innovation

In corporate problem solving and in product innovation, I take the road less travelled. Howsoever, Counter-intuitive it may seem, Innovation rarely fails due to lack of creativity or genius. It almost always due to lack of discipline. I bring discipline, rigor and ninja type persistence to the process. Secondly, the best, most optimal solutions to all problems are inside the box, simple and obvious. The impactful and world changing solutions are usually unseen, discovered in a blinding flash of the obvious.   


I can help you accelerate Innovation in almost any domain using high impact Open and Closed Innovation processes.

In my first career, I worked in Indian Navy’s skunkworks “Reverse Engineering Laboratory” using systems engineering and cross-functional lens to replicate rare to find components for warships. I now work in healthcare technology space using incremental and sustaining innovation to solve hard challenges in American healthcare system.


Industry Domains




Innovation Projects




How can I help you ?

I can ignite your innovation journey and convert cost centre to profit centre. 

  • Open & Closed Innovation

    I can help you leverage internal stage gate innovation processes as well as tap the “Wisdom of the Crowds” using legally sound outreach to solvers across the world. 

  • Process Innovation

    Marketing Strategy – SEO Strategy – Analytics – Creative Storytelling – UX Copywriting – Google PPC

  • Inventing Cycle Time Reduction

    I can help you solve hard, tenacious problems and reduce the cycle time to move from problem space to solution space. 


My Career Timeline

  • Can you work part time or a consultant ?

    I am only seeking Full Time opportunities at this time. 



I have 18+ years experience across engineering, device, technology and service industries. 

DataQ Health


VP Innovation

I head product and process innovation for a healthcare services and technology firm. 

Perchingtree Solutions Inc. I


Innovation Consultant

Responsible for varied, cross functional projects with multiple companies .



VP Global Process Innovation

Responsible for global and enterprise wide innovation strategy across 385+ officers across the globe. 

Indian Navy


Head of Reverse Engineering Lab (Uniformed Officer)

A warship engineer and eventually moved to creating and heading Indian Navy’s first Reverse Engineering Innovation Lab. 


What my peers and colleagues think about my work ? – Swipe Right !

“Metaphorically look up the word Maven, as popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point and you will find a picture of Rohit smiling back at you, his attention to detail, desire and ability to research to the finest point of detail made Rohit my “go to guy”

Neil Cheadle

Head of Government Services, Inchcape

Rohit looks at the world upside down or as he says through an inverted prism. He is able to capture insights that would otherwise be missed. He is innovative and contrarian and if you are around him, expect things to change rapidly, expect to experience steep learning curves and expect to be changed.

Gopal Sethi

Head of Solutions, Inchcape

I came to rely on Rohit’s incisive intellect and impressively broad grasp of how organizations are best run when refocusing the global concern.

Mel Petrie

EVP Government Services, Inchcape

I wished to unleash the “Force within” to ignite Innovation as the CEO of a fast evolving technology company in Dallas. Along came Rohit, an innovator, a legal mid-wife and a doer, creating a rare cocktail, taking us on a high speed, high impact adrenaline filled chase”

Zameer Sachedina

Former CEO, Wiseman (Former Sabre)


Rants & Musings


Masters of Management In Innovation & Enterpreneurship

Smith School of Business, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Bachelors of Technology (Mechanical/Reverse Engineering)


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What few people know about me ?

I am an avid researcher of biological and artificial intuition and had formative experiences at an early age that sharped my predictive insight (a.k.a sixth sense. I use structured intuition as a building block of problem solving. I am also an author of an upcoming book on “Luck Re-Engineering”