Liverpool FC vs Manchester United - Review

Expectations rise when two giants collide

Every fan from around the world was waiting for this clash. After no league matches for two weeks this was the match that everyone had their eyes set upon. But alas, this turned out to be a 0-0 draw. No goals from either side. This was only the second time since the last eleven years, that a match between Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC turned out to be a goal-less draw.

Some say that Mourinho did not come at Anfield to win, and that was pretty much obvious. The infamous ‘Parking the Bus’ tactic was cleary visible through the second half. The meme below doing rounds all across the social media is a proof of that.

Liverpool FC vs Manchester United FC

The game witnessed a total of 16 shots, out of which only 4 were on target. A very low percentage accuracy considering the teams involved in the match. Not only is this a let down for both the teams, but also for the players involved. Manchester United looked like they were dominating, but they faded out as the game progressed. Liverpool were not having the best day either. Very unimpressive first touches saw the Reds losing possession way too much. Both the teams had an attacker who loved the offside way too much.

In the second half, Liverpool showed a bit more urgency for scoring, but brilliant defence performance by Valencia and Herrera brought a halt to the attack as soon as it began. A splitting pass from Joel Matip found Emre Can. The execution could have been more better, but the defense cannot be under rated. Can took the shot, but a brilliant save by De Gea declined the goal.

Later into the match, Coutinho took a shot which everyone thought would be the winner, but, De Gea once again dived to his left to perform a world class save. Liverpool shined brighter when Sturridge was substituted by Lallana. The passes go crisper, the attack attempts got more sharper. But in the the end the result was a draw, a 0-0 draw.

Jurgen Klopp post match statement:

I am not too happy. The game from the first second was very hectic and maybe that was what Manchester United wanted and we did not want, maybe it was more for their advantage. That can happen from the start but you have to find your way back to the way we usually play. We lost patience far too early and our passing game was not good. We had 65% possession but we have to do better. I didn’t expect we would have 10-15 chances. Second half we had chances but De Gea was finally warm and he made brilliant saves. They had that chance with Ibrahimovic.

The best news tonight is we have one point more and a clean sheet, nothing else. We can do much better and we must do much better. We have to stay cool. When they want to chase us, we have to use counter-movements. We had these situations but in the last third we lost patience. It was like ‘Give it to Daniel’. It was a very difficult game for a striker. There was a really good attitude from my side. They tried everything, only with the wrong tools.