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From an IT Graduate from Mumbai University to a Technical Lead at

I graduated from Mumbai University in the year 2010. In the same year, I became a part of the tech industry. I joined raw engineering inc.(now better known as as an Application Engineer. My principle responsibilities were creating web applications using Ruby on Rails(RoR), MySQL and some client side Javascript.

In the first couple years of my career, I had gained knowledge about MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, client side JS. I also had the chance to get acquainted with Chef, the infrastructure automation tool. This in turn helped me in gaining knowledge about AWS technologies and made me better at operating linux machines.

Come 2012, I was now a part of one of the product team at AngularJS was starting to gain some traction among developers during this time. I hopped on the bandwagon, and fell in love with the framework. I started creating the fronted of our product using AngularJS. Gained a lot of knowledge about the framework, wrote a couple of blog posts around it(you can find them here and here). But now, after giving in around 3-4 months, the focus shifted towards node.js. Now I was helping to create REST APIs. Improving performance, cutting down the response time for every API was one of the main task at hand. I also helped to create the Analytics section, and the Payment Gateway integration. To wrap up, this was a very intense period in my career, where I was being pushed to the limits to learn new things everyday. Somewhere between all these, I became a Senior Application Engineer.

In the mid of 2014, I moved myself to the Services team at Here I was helping to create websites for customers of, using Contentstack - the Headless Web Content Management System. In this phase of my career I got introduced to how the marketing side of our industry works. Adding SEO friendly content to the site, email marketing campaigns, tracking user behavior on the site and what not. This was very exciting, everything that I learned, I kept applying them to my website too(I know I know, its still have a long way to go, to get this website to a higher page rank).

A year into the services team, I became the Technical Lead. Now the main responsibility shifted towards handling customer requirements, communicating them to the team and sending them out to the live site. A server crash here, a broken page there, I became the go to person for solving critical problems that my team faced.

That is the journey that I have travelled so far in my career. I will add more as I grow.

Apart from the usual 9-5(10-7 in my case :D), I have also made some contributions to the open source community. You can check them out on the Projects Page of this site or you can checkout my Github Profile. I also blog ocassionally

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